Hire Coaches, NOT Mercenaries

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

I have been to over 400 gyms in the past 5 years. Over 200 where I taught seminars and another 200 in the same town as my seminar so I can just train and meet new people. I that time there has been many recurring themes in terms of topics that gym owners like to vent to me about. I would say that the number one subject has been...lack of coaching quality.

I agree that this is an issue. However, I think that the problem is actually being caused by the same people complaining about it...the gym owners!

Let me explain. Of course, it goes without saying that as coaches, we have a passion for helping our athletes, a desire to share knowledge and so on. This, however has to be coupled with a desire to survive life on this blue dot we all earth. We all need to eat, have shelter and provide for our families. Outside of those needs, we also have wants, a car, nice holidays and so on. Therefore, there has to be a tangible return on investment. The gym owner pays, lets say the average of 20 to 25 USD per class to a coach with an entry level certification. What would the return on investment be for that coach to spend money on seminars and further certification, if the gym owner continues to pay the same 20 to 25 USD?

In general, gyms are also mainly hiring only part time coaches. So you now either have a professional (or at least that's their only job) coach who is working 5 hours a week for you, 5 hours a week for your competitor a few miles away and weekends coaching at another facility nearby. Then you expect this coach to be a hard working member of your community. Thats called being self entitled. A coach will be a part of your community when you treat them with respect and not as a commodity that you only have because you don't have the energy to run all the classes yourself. How do you expect anyone to have your back when you pay them 100 to 150 bucks a week. How good do you think they will be? Coaches are making more per hour but less as a gross monthly income than they would doing some other jobs that don't require skill. Yet you complain that this person isn't expert enough in Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Endurance, Gymnastics, Injury Rehab and in some cases Nutrition. Get real people!

If you want good coaches, put your hand in your pocket and pay them what they are worth and give them enough hours that they really do become part of the community and not coaching mercenaries!