Logical Faləsi

Just as we find clients bypassing ‘good’ technique for the sake of ‘winning’ a workout, we find ourselves often bypassing logic to win an argument. These logical bypasses are called fallacies.

A couple of months ago, I was in discussion with a gym owner who, when presented with the notion that Individual Design has better outcomes than Group Templates created what is called the ‘strawman fallacy’ in order to win this argument with me.

He stated that ‘what is best is the program that is 60% right that they do 100% of the time and not the program that is 100% right that they do 60% of the time’.

Firstly, if you have read my last blog post on www.kevindon.com you will know that deciding what is right for the largest number of people is called ‘privilege’ and is wrong. Everyone pays the membership fee, so for the program to only work 60% of the time or for 60% of the people isn’t equity.

Secondly, it's a logical fallacy because that has NOTHING to do with the fact that Individual Design is ALWAYS going to be better for a client than doing a general program that doesn't suit them.

The REAL issue here is not the winning of an argument. Whether ID or Group is better is clear. Its whether or not you can:

Accept that when you try to change the program from group to individual that members won’t understand what’s happening and push back

Accept that it’s going to be VERY difficult to implement a ‘middle way’. Ive been in HUNDREDS of gyms worldwide. DO you know how many of those that have attempted to run a more personalised version of group have succeeded? ONE.

I don’t own a gym, so I get to spout whatever I like in this regard because, quite simply, my ability to pay rent, eat food and support any dependents isn’t relying upon a group training model gym. So i’m able to think critically about ‘what is best’.

Im able to stand back and look at what I’m saying and whether it matches with my global message and mission. That being to help coaches to understand that health, wellness and longevity are as far away from performance as sickness is. Indeed, the markers for performance are closer to sickness than health!

Yesterday, a gym came up on my Facebook feed called ***** Health and Fitness. Cool name. I like that they aren’t branding themselves as ***** Performance Center or ***** Athletic Club. Yet when I checked out the page, what was going on? Performance! Sport! Intensity! Even if you come from a CrossFit background, you should be aware that in the ‘theoretical hierarchy for development of an athlete’, sport is of the least concern. This ties in with the above, because in a privilege based programming system, we will always circle back to having clients that are trying to express contractions they simply aren’t in possession of the ability to perform.

Consider this avatar: Should a 45 year old male with a training age of zero whose overall goal is weight loss be performing 3RM barbell snatches? I would say that this would be wholly inappropriate. He doesnt have the necessary motor control, muscular endurance, strength endurance or absolute strength to express strength speed contractions (weightlifting) and its also not reflective of his goal.

So…something to think about. Have you created a straw man fallacy in how you represent yourself, your program design and your gym to paying clients?