Kevin started fitness at a young age, when his father, a Champion powerlifter introduced him to strength training and martial arts. Since then, he has been extremely passionate about understanding the science and technical aspects of human movement.

At the age of18, Kevin began coaching first martial arts and moved latterly into coaching general fitness. 
As his curiosity grew, so did his resume. He sought out to work personally with some of the top names paving the way in fitness knowledge.


What started with Jason Khalipa in CrossFit, Ed Coan and Mark Bell In Powerlifting, Worlds Strongest Man Silver Medallist Derek Poundstone, Worlds Strongest Woman Liefia Ingalls. Grew into working with Olympic Gold Medal Rower Erin Cafaro, USA hall of fame Weightlifting coach Bob Takano, famed strength coach Mark Rippetoe and many many others.


Learning from the best allowed Kevin to critically evaluate training and how to think outside of the confines of a single ‘method’. With his years of experience evaluating the knowledge of others, he created a methodology to do what is right and appropriate for each client, every single time.


Aside from his own learnings from the greatest experts in the world, he as taken time to teach 1000s of people in 18 countries, leading over 240 seminars, in addition to writing one of the worlds most well respected strength education courses.



Aside from trying to making a difference in coaching and training people who range from general health to world champions, Kevin's focus has developed to include mentoring in the form of 1on1 education.


He wants to leave a legacy with the next generation of coaches that, as humans, our time is finite and to make that time as full and rich as possible, we have to train appropriately for longevity, not performance.